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Is confidential?

Absolutely. Even the server administrator can't see your information without password.

How to send notes? Is it possible to send note directly from’s website? encrypts your note and gives you unique link to it. You should send this link to the addressee by email, for example.

Can I send one to several recipients?

Absolutely not. The meaning of confidentiality is that message will receive by one person. So to send a note to several recipients, you must create each separately.

Is there a way to delete a note if I sent it to the wrong address or wrong recipient?

Messages are self-destructed. So if you paste your link to a browser, message will be destroyed, and when recipient will try to read it he will see the error "MESSAGE NOT FOUND".

How do I know if my message has been read?

You should fill your email in the "Destruction notification email" field. When message will be read you will get notification to that email.

The recipient can copy and paste the note, so it does not actually self-destruct, does it?

That's right. Even more, you could not prevent the recipient from taking a screen capture or even memorizing a note. This is why does not attempt to protect the content of the note from being copied. It only guarantees that the content will never be read by anyone before it reaches the recipient, and will never be read by either of them. So what the recipient does with a note, it is only his own responsibility.

Can I see a recently read note using browser history, the Back button, or the recently closed tab?

Messages are self-destructed after reading. So it is impossible to re-read it after reading it.

How long the server stored unread messages?

During 30 days. After that all unread messages automatically destroyed.